Koi Hut is proud to announce that we now sell Freshwater Tropical Fish!

We have converted our storage room into a fully-fledged tropical fish room, complete with 6 display units for fish and 1 for plants. we are also delighted to say that we have received a 5 Star pet license (number 22255) on our latest inspection, which allows us to legally sell these tropical fish. There are lots of dry goods, food, and chemicals for aquarium use including but not limited to such ranges as; AquaDip, Aqua One, Hikari, NT Labs, Seachem and Tetra.

Koi Hut will also soon be switching back to our summer opening hours which means we’ll be open on Mondays again, from 10am – 5pm. The switch from winter to summer hours will happen on Monday 1st April.

Our online shop is now fully functional and is slowly being added to with more of the goods that we sell in store. At the moment we can only sell the dry goods but we are working on the logistics of being able to ship Koi Carp through the post using a proper qualified animal courier. Watch this space!

Why not come on down to Koi Hut – not just for all your Koi Carp needs, but for Tropicals too!


Show Areas Covered