Koi Farm

Mr. Manabu Yamazaki & Yamasan Koi Farm

Yamasan Koi Farm is located in Kawaguchi, Nagaoka. It is a large farm with a raising area of 50,000 Square Metres. It has over 50 mud ponds, and is a popular stopping point for Koi Keepers to visit.

The size of the farm allows it to also sell dry goods, helping visitors with anything they might need to give their new Koi purchases the best environment to thrive.

From humble beginnings and a small collection of mud ponds, Mr. Manabu Yamazaki has been very successful, transforming his farm into the powerhouse of the Koi breeding world that it is today.

Having spent some time in the UK, Manabu can speak good English. This is a boon for both his business, and for Western visitors that often find communication to be a barrier.

Yamasan Koi Farm is also known for specialising in a wide variety of Koi types, including their beautiful and vibrant “Lemon Hariwake”.

They are also one of the few Koi Farms in Japan to breed Longfin (Butterfly) Koi.

With friendly and enthusiastic staff on hand, you’re always welcome at Yamasan Koi Farm.

Yamasan Koi Farm specialises in; Gosanke, Hariwake, Platinum Ogon. They also breed various types of Longfin, Doitsu, and Ginrin Koi.


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