Yagenji Koi Farm

Mr. Daisuke Ishihara & Mr. Toshinori Ishihara and Yagenji Koi Farm

Yagenji Koi Farm is run by brothers Daisuke and Toshinori Ishihara, after the passing of their father, Mr. Yaiichi Ishihara.

Located on the mountain slopes of the famous Yamakoshi Village, this Koi Farm boasts both mud ponds and climate controlled fish houses for overwintering their Koi.

Both of the Ishihara brothers run the Koi Farm together, which is an unusual case as traditionally the business would be passed to the elder brother (Daisuke). They both have valuable expertise and knowledge and run the farm like a well oiled machine.

Daisuke is a trained chef, and came back to the Koi Farm when business started becoming very busy. He spent time at Momotaro Fish Farm to learn the trade, returning to his father’s side once he had gained experience.

Toshinori (Tokko) stayed with his Father to help run the Koi Farm, leaving at 18 years old so that he could learn new techniques and ideas at a Koi Farm in Hiroshima – Sakai Fish Farm.

These days, the brothers blend their experience and passion to gift the world with their beautiful Koi.

Visitors are always welcome at Yagenji Koi Farm with a smile and a coffee.

Yagenji specialises in; Kohaku, Ginrin Kohaku, Sanke, Doitsu Sanke, Showa, Ginrin Showa, Asagi, Goshiki, Karashigoi, Kikusui, and Kujaku.

In fact, this eclectic mix of Koi varieties is one of the reasons for their success, drawing in clients of all tastes.



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