In our previous filter post, we showcased our Evolution Aqua Nexus and Tempest filters, but that’s not all we have.
On top of those we also run a Draco Drum “Solum 25” with Midi Bio Drum filter kit, 4 Evolution Aqua EazyPods and a Draco “Drop in” Drum for one of our Nexus 220 systems.

The Draco Solum and the EazyPods are housed in our renovated back rooms in The Koi Hut, near where we quarantine all the new fish arrivals from Japan to keep the water crystal clear.

The Draco Drop in Drum really does work a treat, in perfect sync with the Nexus equipment. They work wonderfully in synergy with one another.

It has to be said that both DracoDrum and EA really know their stuff when it comes to designing top quality, easy to use and efficient filters.

Come on down to The Koi Hut today and purchase yours.

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