Miyatora Koi Farm

Mr. Katsunori Miya & Miyatora Koi Farm                             

Miyatora Koi Farm is one of the oldest operating Koi Farms in Japan, having been established over 100 years ago in Kawaguchi, Nagaoka. It has 40 mud ponds with a raising area of 100,000 metres squared.

It is now run by Mr. Katsunori Miya who puts great stock in his philosophy of “bigger is beautiful”. He is one of the most well-known Koi breeders in Japan, and regularly wins awards at Koi Shows. He has recently begun breeding Doitsu Showa, to appeal to an even wider clientele.

Each year, Miyatora Koi Farm produces around 100,000 Koi from a parent stock of 100 fish. These fish are highly sought after not only across Japan, but globally.

Miyatora Koi Farm is most famous for their Gosanke, although they also breed Shusui, Kujaku, Kin Ki Utsuri, Beni Kikokuryu, Mukashi Ogon, and Platinum Ogon – including Doitsu and Ginrin varieties.

Anyone with an interest in Gosanke varieties would do well to pay a visit to Miyatora Koi Farm. Mr. Miya has a keen interest in Gosanke and is always happy to offer his advice and expertise.


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