Kanno Koi Farm

Mr. Hiroshi & Mr. Kazuhiro Hirasawa and one of their Goshiki                               

Kanno Koi Farm was established in the early 1970s by Mr. Hiroshi Hirasawa in Yamakoshi, Nagaoka.

These days the farm is jointly run by Hiroshi and his son, Mr. Kazuhiro Hirasawa.

Hiroshi has a passion for beautiful Goshiki, which Kanno Koi Farm specialises in breeding. Like father like son, Kazuhiro is also on board with breeding the most unique and eye-catching Goshiki. That is why in some circles he is known as “The King of Goshiki”.

The Kanno Goshiki is well known across the hobby as the mesh net pattern is very strong, contrasting with a high-quality blue colouration. This pattern, coupled with the unblemished red markings, creates a truly remarkable fish that would easily be the pride and joy of any collection.

Kazuhiro says that they are aiming for a “Wabi-Sabi” look, which is the Japanese art aesthetic that focuses on and embraces the beauty of imperfection.

Kanno Koi Farm regularly produces champion fish, winning awards globally, including the mature champion of the 2020 All Japan Koi Show.

This Koi Farm has a raising area of 50,000 metres squared and specialises in breeding the aforementioned Goshiki, along with Sanke and other Gosanke varieties.


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