Ikarashi Koi Farm

Mr. Toshinobu Ikarashi, his father Mr. Kazuto Ikarashi, and a Ginrin Aragoke                       

Ikarashi Koi Farm was established in 1962 by Mr. Kazuto “Sen’nin” Ikarashi, in Mushigame Niigata. It currently has a raising area of 50,000 Metres Squared with 80 mud ponds.

From a parent stock of 100 top quality Koi, Ikarashi Koi Farm produces an annual supply of around 75,000 fish.

The Gosanke from Ikarashi Koi Farm are larger than average and have stunning vibrant colours. They often win awards at Koi shows across Japan, including some champions.

Sadly, Mr. Kazuto Ikarashi passed away in 2016 and his son, Toshinobu Ikarashi, took up the mantle and now runs the farm.

The large number of mud ponds, and the overall area of Ikarashi Koi Farm has allowed the Ikarashi family to experiment with new and exciting breeds. Their Ginrin Aragoke are a legend unto themselves.

“Aragoke” means “Oddly large scales” and in days past, these Doitsu fish were considered to be abnormal and poor quality, and often discarded in the first culling. Ikarashi Koi Farm went against the established norm and started purposely breeding these Aragoke. They have now developed them into a breed of their own and have beautiful large, laced scales. The Ginrin varieties really do stand out.

The late Mr. Kazuto was known for his love of large, colourful fish and his son Toshinobu has certainly carried forward with that legacy.

Ikarashi Koi Farm specialises in Gosanke, Kawarimono, and Aragoke varieties, including Ginrin.


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