Hasegawa Koi Farm

Mr. Mitsuo Hasegawa & Hasegawa Koi Farm

Hasegawa Koi Farm is run by Mr. Mitsuo Hasegawa, who began keeping Koi as a hobby. This farm is located in Ojiya, Niigata, and specialises in Kohaku, Cream Ogon, and Showa.

Although it has a much smaller area than other Koi farms, Hasegawa still breeds some outstanding, excellent quality fish.

Mostly producing Kohaku, Mr. Hasegawa has perfected the lineage that his farm is famous for – The “Hasegawa Kohaku”.

These Kohaku came about as the result of the coupling of two parent fish from the “Tomoin” and “Manzo” Kohaku bloodlines.

Although Mr. Hasegawa is a very private person, he is no less personable and is extremely proud of his fish. He has also won awards from many different shows, including ones in North America and Europe.

90%+ of the fish from his Koi farm are the aforementioned Hasegawa Kohaku, which can grow to Jumbo sizes of over 30 inches under the right conditions. They are, however, slow growing, so people new to the hobby may be fooled to see an undersized 2 year old fish. Give it the time and attention it deserves, and it will blossom into the star attraction of any pond.

Each season Hasegawa’s Tategoi are snapped up mostly by returning customers from across Asia who have no qualms about paying the high prices that these fish command. Rightly so, as each one has the potential to become something very special indeed.


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