Fukasawa Koi Farm

Mr. Hideaki Oofuchi & Fukasawa Koi Farm

Fukasawa Koi Farm is run by the esteemed Mr. Hideaki Oofuchi. It is nestled deep within the mountains of Niigata prefecture, far away from the closest city, Ojiya.

Mr. Oofuchi boasts 100 mud ponds which year by year help to grow countless outstanding Koi.

Perhaps the liberal layer of snow that covers the ponds each winter has something to do with the remarkable beauty of  these fish?

Mr. Oofuchi got his start as a young man, training under the legendary
Mr. Toraichi Miya of Miyatora Fish Farm. who was one of the world’s leading breeders in the 1960s.

After gaining the knowledge and experience provided to him, he opened his own Koi Farm and set to work in stamping his mark on the world of Nishikigoi.

In the late 1970s / early 1980s, he succeeded in breeding a male Kujaku with a female Goshiki, to establish what would soon become the renowned “Oofuchi Kujaku” bloodline.

These Kujaku began to win awards in the late 1980s and even won “Best in Variety” at the 1996 All Japan Koi Show.

These days, Fukasawa Koi Farm are famous not only for their Kujaku, but they also specialise in Shusui, Sanke, and Kawarimono.

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